Meet Desi

Desiree is married to her best friend and a mom of four wonderful rascals. When confronted with health challenges she learned first hand how powerful food was in healing our bodies.  She created a website, Unconventional Kitchen, to share recipes, tips, and tricks that have made healthy eating doable for a family. Fast forward a few years later what kept her up at night wasn’t health challenges anymore it was raising kids.  At the time there were no online conferences for moms online.  

So she decided to create an online conference so that moms could training get training on parenting’s biggest challenges from experts all while folding the laundry at home. This is the fifth year of the conference and so far we have reached over 215,000 moms. 

Post-conference she started a brand new website called Weekly Mom Hacks to help moms stay inspired and SANE throughout the year with their all-important role of being a mother.